What are the various treatments offered by the clinic?

Dr. Rakesh Jangra is an experienced dermatologist and excels in his field. He has treated several patients over the years and as a leading and qualified skin doctor in Delhi, there are a wide range of treatments he offers. These treatments help one regain the lost confidence. Following are some of the treatments:



“Aesthetic Dermatology is like adding salt to your favourite dish while cooking. The recipe has its own unique flavour & taste which is important, just like everyone is beautiful in his/her own right. Aesthetic Dermatology should be used only as much needed and only to enhance the beauty that already exists. A good dermatologist, like a seasoned cook, knows exactly how much salt to add.”

- Dr. Rakesh Jangra

The above statement embodies the raison d'être for RakShaa Skin Clinic and has been the guiding force behind all our actions. We strongly believe that a patient coming to us, should be given the right guidance as per the problem being faced by him/her and that’s the exact recipe for a happy, satisfied and content patient.

We at RakShaa Skin Clinic offer the entire spectrum of skin & hair treatments ranging from general skin & hair conditions to advanced aesthetic procedures using various lasers and anti-aging treatments.. Read more


MD, Consultant Dermatologist, Specialist in Hair, Skin, Laser and Aesthetic Dermatology

Skin Doctor in Delhi (Pitampura, Rohini)

Rakshaa Skin Clinic was the fulfillment of the vision and persistent efforts over 10 years of its founder - Dr. Rakesh Jangra, who is considered to be the best skin doctor in Delhi (Pitampura, Rohini). While pursuing his MD in Skin & VD, he developed a deep interest in Aesthetic Dermatology. He was fascinated by how powerful Aesthetic Dermatology was as if rightly done it could bring in such a huge difference to someone’s life. Being confident about one's appearance could play a huge role in transforming a person’s personal & professional life. The smile on a patient’s face, when the procedure ends successfully and brings them closer to their aspirations, is truly heartening.

According to Dr. Rakesh Jangra, one of the biggest challenges in bringing about this transformation was the rampant malpractices being done in the name of cosmetology and dermatology. Unqualified practioners in ‘cosmetic clinics’ mushrooming in urban cities were fleecing innocent patients, robbing them of not just their money, but stealing their dreams as well.

With RakShaa Skin Clinic, Dr. Rakesh wants to transform this landscape for the better, which is why he is known to be one of the best skin doctor in Delhi (Pitampura, Rohini).

In a career spanning over 10 years, Dr. Rakesh has got the opportunity to work on the entire spectrum of treatments in hair, skin, and facial aesthetics.

  • Founder Member – Aesthetic Dermatology & Dermato-surgery Society of Rajasthan (ADDS), 2017
  • He has conducted over 5000 laser-assisted procedures for skin & hair such as laser hair removal, acne scar removal, skin rejuvenation, facials & peels, etc.
  • Over 2000 hair procedures such as hair transplant, hair restoration, hair fall treatment, etc.
  • More than 1000 anti-aging treatment procedures which include anti-wrinkle injection, fillers, thread lifts, HIFU facelift procedures, etc.
  • Associated as Consulting Dermatologist with several renowned clinics in Delhi.
  • Worked for over 2 years as a Resident Doctor at prestigious Government Hospitals in Delhi like Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Medical College & Hospital; Hindu Rao Medical College & Hospital & Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital... Read more

MBBS (Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut.)

MD (Dermatology from MGUMST.)

... Read more

His humbleness, patient-care, post-treatment follow ups are some of the aspects which make Dr. Rakesh Jangra the best skin doctor. He keeps making an attempt to help people deal with various sorts of skin issues and bring back the lost confidence in their lives.

Dr. Rakesh Jangra makes it a point that his patients get the desired combination of treatments. The combination of the skin treatments he suggests increases the lost confidence of the individual and the patient finds the treatment worthy enough.

So if one is looking for a skin doctor in Delhi (Pitampura, Rohini) then consult Dr. Rakesh Jangra, one and the only best dermatologist who is offering services at RakShaa Skin Clinic...Read more


Discover the wonders of our antiaging treatment helping you build your perfect Skin, Face, Hair and Foot Care Routine.



Achieve a youthful glow and brighter skin tone with advanced skin treatments offered at Rakshaa Skin Clinic. Whether it is a skin disease or cosmetic concerns the dermatologist provides individualized treatment plans based on the required investigations and diagnosis. Chemical peels, lasers, fillers, and many other face rejuvenation treatments are available. Consult Dr. Rakesh Jangra, best skin doctor in Delhi to get rid of skin issues


Don’t let your neck reflect the signs of aging. Main concerns for which people seek treatment are neck wrinkles (horizontal & vertical) and sagging skin. With advanced cosmetic treatments offered by the best skin doctors including thread lift, lasers, fillers, anti-wrinkle injections one can reverse the signs of aging on the neck.


Make your nose look defined and well-shaped with liquid rhinoplasty treatment. The treatment is performed using dermal fillers and offers instant results. The experts at Rakshaa Skin Clinic provide this treatment in an artistic and personalized manner resulting in a slimmer and more symmetrical nose that complements overall facial aesthetics.


The eye area is the most delicate area of the face and also one of the first to show the signs of aging. There are several non-surgical cosmetic treatments available to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes. Under-eye bags, dark circles, and nasolabial folds can occur as a result of stress and aging. With advanced dermatological procedures offered at Rakshaa Skin Clinic, one can achieve more rejuvenated, alert, and youthful look.


Looking aged due to droopy brows? Drooping of the eyebrows is common with age. This further makes the eyes and the face appear dull and tired. Non-surgical procedures for skin tightening and lifting the eyebrows include anti-wrinkle injection and radiofrequency treatment. Lifted eyebrows make the face look youthful.


Fuller cheeks are a sign of youthfulness. The cheeks tend to be one of the most problematic parts when it comes to the aging process. Loss of volume and sagging of cheeks is a matter of concern for many. Dermal fillers can add the desired volume and plump up the cheeks giving fullness and ideal definition to the overall facial structure.


Lip fillers are a rage world over. Voluminous and well defined lips are desired not only by women but men as well. Plump up your lips with lip augmentation treatment using dermal fillers at Rakshaa Skin Clinic. With fillers you can achieve a pronounced cupid’s bow, well-defined vermillion border, fullness in the center, and improved symmetry between the left and the right sides.



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