Want a beautiful, younger-looking, elegant neck without going under the knife? Visit Rakshaa Skin Clinic to avail the benefits of Non-surgical Neck Lift treatment in Delhi.

As the age count increases, not only does the face but also the neck and décolletage start appearing aged. Three key changes generally occur in the natural skin aging process of the face. These include skin laxity, loss of volume of soft tissues and fat in the face. The gravitational pull of soft tissues caused by loss of collagen and elastin leaves the skin less firm and elastic. In some people, these changes majorly affect the neck, as this body part has fewer oil glands. Hence, such individuals feel less attractive, less photogenic and may hide their neck while clicking their photos. Moreover, their profession and relationships may also get negatively impacted as they begin to look older.

Often people overlook the neck and décolletage while addressing facial aging concerns resulting in an overall aging look. Everyone wishes to get tightened skin around the neck to restore the youthful contours i.e. a sharp angle between the neck and jawline. A neck lift is a long-lasting, youth-boosting, transforming solution to both sagging and excess skin around the face, jaw, and neck. The surgical approach is a one-time investment of money and time that may make people nervous, and may not be suitable for everyone. Fortunately, non-surgical methods to lift the neck effortlessly have become more popular among many men and women. Avail of the benefits of neck lift anti-aging treatments in Delhi at Rakshaa Skin Clinic.


A non-surgical neck lift is a cocktail of various non-invasive procedures designed to get rid of the most frequent signs of skin aging in the neck. It helps to smoothen and tighten the loose, creepy neck skin, thereby fading away from the appearance of vertical bands, horizontal neckline wrinkles, and fullness below the jaw. Expert cosmetic dermatologist in Delhi performs the non-invasive neck rejuvenating treatment at Rakshaa Skin Clinic.


A non-surgical neck lift can-

  • Diminish or eliminate the double chin
  • Tighten the skin under the chin and lose jowls
  • Reduce wrinkles of the neck
  • Get rid of the flaccid neck by relaxing the vertical neck muscles (called platysma) which become prominent at the sides and front of the neck and also pull down on the jawline
  • Stiffen the drooping jawline
  • Remove excess stubborn fat in the neck.

Ideal candidates for a non-surgical neck lift:

A non-surgical neck lift is suitable for-

  • Healthy individuals who feel self-conscious about their neck appearance and have a positive outlook and realistic expectations from the non-surgical neck lift.
  • People who desire a youthful-looking profile and a tauter neck skin.
  • Individuals who have less significant loose or sagging neck skin and desire temporary, less dramatic results.
  • Non-smokers.


The doctor first conducts a thorough examination of the neck and face, particularly, the skin laxity, existing neck appearance, jawline definition, and any asymmetry or drooping of the mouth. A discussion is done regarding the patient’s perception about the neck lift and the desired outcomes of the treatment as well as their current health status and medical history. Pre-treatment photos are taken of the neck area to compare with the post-treatment results. The treatment site is cleaned with a disinfectant and the specific areas to be treated are marked.

Non-surgical neck lift procedures:

Some of the treatment options that are included in a non-surgical neck lift offered at Rakshaa Skin Clinic, the best anti-aging clinic in New Delhi:

Anti-wrinkle injections- Some people have a turkey neck or ropey neck appearance that affects their self-image. This is because of hyperactive platysma muscles (superficial muscles of the neck that are responsible for extending the skin covering the lower mouth out or down). Anti-wrinkle injection is an FDA-approved neuromodulator that is a purified protein (a toxin) derived from a bacterium, Clostridium botulinum. When a small amount of anti-wrinkle injection is administered directly into these neck muscles, it blocks certain chemical signals released from the nerves to the muscles and are involved in their contraction. As a result, these muscles get paralyzed and smoothen the thick, vertical neckbands. There is a subtle lift in the neck as the skin overlying the muscles gets tightened along with redefined jawline. The final results may be noticed after about two weeks and the effects are expected to last for about three to six months. For the effects of anti-wrinkle injection to remain longer, the patient may need to repeat treatments after every 6 to 10 months.

Dermal Fillers Dermal fillers are FDA-approved substances that are administered into the dermis layer of aged skin for treating mild to moderate horizontal fine lines and wrinkles and restoring the lost skin volume of the neck. The most widely used neck fillers are hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a natural ingredient present in the skin and is used as filler to keep the skin well-hydrated by locking the natural skin moisture. It makes the skin plump which fades away the wrinkles. Calcium hydroxylapatite is a natural substance found in the bones and is used as filler in synthetic form to induce collagen growth. Typically, the effect of any filler treatment lasts for anywhere between 6 months to18 months. For the neck, these fillers are inserted using a blunt-tipped cannula instead of a tiny needle. They help tighten jowls, redefine the jawline, and soften horizontal neckbands. To maintain the results for long, the filler treatment may be repeated when the filler wears off after a gap of a few weeks between two sessions.

Thread lift- An incredible neck lift can also be achieved instantly by simply using strong, dissolvable, cosmetic sutures like PDO threads. These special threads are placed underneath the neck skin to upheave the overlying skin by first creating tiny holes of incisions in the targeted area using a needle. Next, the skin is drawn upward resulting in a tauter and smoother jawline and neck. In the places wherein the sutures are weaved beneath the superficial skin, there is a stimulation of new collagen and elastin which remains for some time even after the threads are naturally absorbed by the body. This procedure is performed only by a licensed, expert surgeon so that the threads are precisely laid into place without causing much damage to nearby skin tissue.

A thread lift is an affordable, most discreet, and effective cosmetic anti-aging treatment to look years younger and have firmer, smoother, and tightened skin. It is an excellent option that gets over within 1-2 hours as it makes use of safe threads that leave no scar/s and its effect can stay for up to 2 years with good skincare. Visit Rakshaa Skin Clinic and get this neck rejuvenation treatment with thread lift in Delhi at reasonable cost.

Fractional CO2 laser- It is an ablative skin resurfacing technique that can treat moderately aged neck skin with prominent skin laxity and pigmentary changes. During this type of non-surgical neck lift, the light beams are focused on the affected neck skin to get rid of the superficial skin layers. This makes the skin go into recovery mode which promotes collagen remodeling and also new elastin production. The laser energy gets converted into thermal energy that can also liquefy the fat in the target area. The heat energy from lasers is precisely controlled that can contract and tighten the neck skin. This procedure is safe and effective and is associated with fewer side effects and shorter downtime as compared to surgical interventions. Typically, one treatment session is required.

After the treatment, people may experience slight redness, skin crusting/weeping, and mild swelling that resolves within a week. The results may appear immediately but enhanced results are evident between 3 to 6 months after the treatment. But with proper skin protection and skin care, the results can last for several years.

To know more about non-surgical neck lift cost in Delhi, consult with the expert at Rakshaa Skin Clinic.

Benefits of non-surgical neck lift:

  • It does not require making of large incisions or use of general anesthesia.

  • It helps the patient achieve natural-looking results with less extensive downtime.

  • Unlike surgery, it is associated with minimal pain or discomfort, no surgical scarring, fast recovery, and a lower risk of having health complications.

  • It is useful for people who want natural skin rejuvenation and a different look as the procedures can be custom-tailored according to the patient’s needs.

  • It helps maintain the consistency in the firmness of the facial features, combat physical aging, and also enhance the texture and tone of the neck.

  • With a non-surgical neck lift, the patients can get a boost in their self-confidence and self-esteem due to an enhanced overall physical appearance.

  • It involves quick procedures (usually taking 30 to 90 minutes) as compared to surgeries that last for several hours.


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