Dull skin, dry skin, lack of luster, dehydrated skin, open pores, bothering you? Or do you just want to boost your skin radiance?
Hydra Facial could be your best bet! Hydra Facial rejuvenates the skin by hydrating and tightening it at the same time, thereby making it look radiant and youthful. It also involves infusing essential vitamins into the skin and keeps it nourished for a longer duration of time.


  • Step I: Deep Cleansing by Exfoliation with Bubble Clean Vacuum The skin is cleansed and dead cells are exfoliated making spiral eddy movements balancing water and oil secretions while adding hydration to the skin.
  • Step II: Skin Rejuvenation using OxyGeneoTM
    OxyGeneo probe used in this step produces carbon dioxide bubbles, which gently burst on the skin surface. The body compensates for the higher carbon dioxide content by sending more oxygen to the treated area. This oxygen enrichment in the blood leads to skin brightening, lightening, and rejuvenation. OxyGeneo is used with hyaluronic acid and peptides that are very effective in exfoliating and hydrating the skin.
  • Step III: Skin Tightening with AquaPollar RF
    The third probe delivers collagen heating that leads to collagen remodeling and its regeneration. Thus enabling skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.
  • Step IV: Super serum infusion In
    this final step, customized serum depending on the skin type and condition is infused into the skin using high-frequency ultrasound rays so that the infusion can penetrate the skin barrier easily giving a radiant glow to the skin.

Hydra Facial can also be used along with treatments like chemical peels and mesotherapy for better and longer-lasting results. This is a quick procedure taking about 30-45 minutes and has no downtime.


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    Everybody’s hair goes through a cycle. In fact, each hair follicle spends time producing a growing hair (the anagen phase) and then switches to the inactive phase when the hair is made ready for shedding (the telogen phase). If we observe an individual’s head at any one time, about 90% of the hair are growing and 10% are ready to shed. In case of life distressing situations like delivery and lactation, most of the hair land into the telogen phase which is bound to shed off after 3 months of duration.

    Hair loss is likely to completely recover, although it may take up to a year for this to happen.

    • Use volumizing shampoos, that contain protein. 
    • Avoid combined shampoo/ conditioners or intensive conditioners that make hair heavy. 
    • Use conditioners mainly on the ends of your hair and avoid application close to the scalp, as that will tend to weigh hair down.
    • Exercising improves blood circulation and is a gateway to beautiful skin and healthy hair.
    • Consume nutrient foods that are packed with vitamin B12, folic acid, Vitamin D3, iron and ferritin.
    • No spa treatments, blow dry, straightening or coloring is recommended.
    • Some products have a special hair-growth formula that works from the scalp outward, enhancing the volume and density of hair at the source and combats hair loss. Consult the dermatologist for recommendations.

    Blood is taken just like having a routine blood test. The blood is spun in a centrifuge whereas the GFC is set apart from the red blood cells. Our clinic uses state of a art- GFC System, which is a quick, easy process that delivers consistent growth factor concentration. Once the plasma gets separated, it is then injected into the scalp where hair restoration is required. GFC is close to a physiologic pH, which means it is less likely to cause a burning sensation. There can be some discomfort but it will resolve soon. GFC is produced from the patient’s own blood, so there is no risk of allergic reaction or rejection.