Do & Don’t of Lip Filler that to be kept in Mind

Are you obsessed with the celebrity’s pouty flawless lips on Instagram? Well, you’re not alone! Lip fillers are becoming a new trendy desire of many who are seeking to improve their natural attractiveness & full lips. The appeal of plump, well-defined lips has swept the beauty landscape, with “lip filler treatments” but along with the […]

Easy & Quick Method to remove unwanted hair from Body permanently. 

Are you the one who has been sick of unwanted hairs on your body? You don’t want to go for painful waxing or rough cuts of razors. There are techniques to attain lasting results if you’re weary of temporary fixes like waxing or shaving for unwanted hair growth on the body.   Then this blog is […]

Hair Loss Treatments: A Miracle or a Scam?

Millions of people throughout the world struggle with hair loss treatment, which is a widespread and nowadays common problem. But why has this problem become so common? Have you wondered about it before? Somewhere we all know due to improper diet, sleep cycle, environmental changes, increasing pollution and many more reasons taking us to the […]

Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin C For Your Skin

Most talked topic in today’s digital era is Vitamin C. Not just the health benefit but it definitely got some magical  sprinks in its serum too. The transformational impact of Vitamin C is unmatched when it comes to producing healthy, bright skin. This skincare hero is famous for its prowess in addressing a variety of […]

How Filler Treatments Works for Under Eye Bags? 

Under-eye bags are a common complaint, and they frequently make us look tired or older than we are. It’s so common these days. You must have heard from your mom that we don’t have an under-eye bag problem because there was no usage of smartphones. Do you believe that over usage of smartphones is a […]

5 Monsoon Skincare Home Remedies: Approved by Dr. Rakesh Jhangra 

Who doesn’t fall in love with Baarish? Tip Tip Barsa Paani…you must have danced on!! But unfortunately with the monsoon, there are not so welcomed skin problems knocking on our doors.The monsoon gives a welcome respite from the sweltering summer heat, but it also presents a new set of skincare challenges. Acne, pimples and breakout, […]

6 Secrets to Naturally Thicker and Faster Hair Growth at Home

Do you want beautiful, thick locks that grow faster without the need of chemical treatments? In the era of the 21st, where everyone is looking for quick treatments no one is looking to get the right & best treatment that targets the root cause. There is no need to look any further. So here we […]

Regaining Radiance: Effective Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Are you concerned about the appearance of skin pigmentation on your face and looking for the best solution? Welcome to Rakshaa Clinic, your one-stop shop for efficient “skin pigmentation treatment”. We are known as the “best skin pigmentation clinic in North Delhi” because we are located in the center of the city. With a dedication […]

7 Tips for Delaying Ageing By Skincare Expert Dr. Shaurya Thakran

As time passes, the visible indications of aging on our skin become more noticeable. However, the voyage does not have to be hurried. Welcome to a guide on retaining young glow and defying the passage of time. Rakshaa Clinic is known for its “best anti-wrinkle treatment in Delhi” in the bustling heart of Delhi. Discover […]

Botox vs. Dermal Fillers: Decoding the Best Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

As a reputable dermatologist at Rakshaa Clinic, one of the leading “skin clinics in Pitampura,” we frequently see people looking for the “best anti-wrinkle treatment in Delhi.” Botox and dermal fillers are two treatments that stand out in the realm of cosmetic dermatology. This blog post will go through the differences, benefits, and applicability of […]